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Building the arches for a photoshoot by Stephanie Weber

I recently had the pleasure of going solo and designing the backdrop, or “stage” if you will, for a photoshoot done by Stephanie Weber! If you have not had a chance to view her photography, I strongly recommend checking out her work – she can take any scene, any person, and any situation and create a picture perfect image.

Stephanie’s client Ericka wanted to do a photoshoot with her husband and first granddaughter! I know, what a sweet idea, right?! Well the pictures turned out even more stunning. However it was really my process of designing and building the archways in the background that really stood out to me this project. As most of you know, I am a Mom and an in-person shop owner too, so these quiet moments of solitude and just creating often come far and few between! I absolutely love my family and shop neighbors, but there is something special about creating in silence, especially since I am multitasking most of my days. Once I get to slow myself down, I zone in and find my rhythm, and because I have been doing this for a while, I found that day very relaxing and calming, even though it is hard work! The background scenery was gorgeous with clear skies and wide open fields – truly a peaceful atmosphere being out in nature! Except for the part where I found a snake under a rock I kicked over…. and the part where a swarm of bees followed my flowers in…I guess that’s working in nature for ya! It’s their home after all! But in case you’re wondering, yes, the snake was nice enough to let me borrow his rock and no one was harmed in the process 🙂

I hope I get to design more photoshoots like this in the future, because I loved how it had an element of working with my friend Stephanie and her clients, but also an element of having that peaceful alone time. But if the snake didn’t make it for our next photoshoot, I wouldn’t mind!

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