Family Portraits with Stephanie Weber

Hello everyone! If I haven’t gotten to meet you yet, my name is Crystal Schacter and I am the owner and lead designer of Studio C Florals. My shop is located in Newport Beach, California, and I specialize in wedding and event floral design!

My family!

Ryan is my husband and best friend, and I have two kids – Alexandria and Kent – that are my entire world! I decided that while Alexandria’s dance and Kent’s basketball practices slowed down a bit, that we should finally update our family photos! I have for so long wanted to get our family portraits done by Stephanie Weber Photography – Stephanie and I work together on a lot of weddings, and I’ve always admired her work so much! I knew I really wanted portraits that showcased each of our personalities, but also showed us united as a family. The kids are growing up so fast that I thought it’d be a great time to capture them in their current ages! I liked the idea of matching, but not identical outfits. My daughter Alexandria and I chose outfits from Nordstrom and Target – we kind of had to guess and check with the current restrictions, but I am so happy how these turned out!

My favorite part of the photos, however, is how Stephanie Weber captured all of our different special relationships. My daughter and husband are so close, that I cherish these photos of them more than I can explain! You can see their bond through the photography. The photos of Kent and I are so fun, which I love because we always have a lot of fun together.

I highly recommend Stephanie to do your family photos. I think these turned out how I wanted and am super excited to continue working with her!

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