Studio C Fox 11 News Feature!

This past Spring, I had such an exciting opportunity to be on Fox 11 News for Studio C Florals! We talked about business and how we are going to get Studio C Florals through this Covid-19 process.

You can find the video here  if you’re interested!

I talked to reporter Bob De Castro a lot about how I am focusing more on intimate weddings, and intimate family dinners as a space to use floral arrangements. Our love for beautiful, fresh arrangements has not gone anywhere, just their use is changing a bit for now to be extra hygienic! I have recently shifted my business to focus a little bit more back on creating arrangements for my clients’ homes – my wedding business will always be there, but because most weddings are private or postponed for now, we are trying to focus on bringing florals arrangements into the home! 

People are revisiting the idea of having friends over for dinner instead of always going out to dinner, to minimize time in public! A centerpiece for the dinner table is a great way to make the atmosphere still feel special, while still practicing that “ten or less people” social distancing rule. This is part of the reason I started my second website, , where people can choose ready made designs that still showcase my aesthetic! 

Bob pointed out that small businesses are back and working hard to stay open – I mean it when I say we made it through this with the help of all you, our loyal customers. In reality, this situation has made many small family owned businesses, just like mine, close their doors permanently, but you all have shown your support through and through. Without you, we would not nearly be close to where we are now, and would not have gotten through these past few months which I know have been extremely difficult for most people. 

So if there are two things I can say to end here, the first is that I sincerely thank you! And the second is that the next time you buy something, anything, think about if there is a way you can do it from a small business! We all have always needed your support, but now more than ever, it really  is “essential” for us. So if you ever need anything for your next special occasion, stop on by!


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