Pumpkin Table Setting

When I think Fall, my first thought is usually pumpkins! And as much as I love pumpkins and Fall decor, I also know that some of it can easily come across as overly done, or, let’s be honest, silly! I was invited to participate in a Fall themed styled shoot, so I wanted to challenge myself to incorporate pumpkins while still creating an elegant mood.

Gold and white are always a great way to elevate a look or space. They will also match nearly any look and wedding feel, so I decided to incorporate those two colors! I have seen so many fun images of carved and painted pumpkins, so it dawned me – why not use a miniature pumpkin as a creative way to both have a favor for guests to take home, and to act as a place card? The result was a super cute way to multipurpose the pumpkins with names on them – making it a favor, a placecard, decor, and Fall themed!
Florals with a feathery texture are one of my favorite items to call on for Fall. You can see these feathery textures through several different elements in the greenery, the small brown flowers, called scabiosa pod, and even the dark purplish-black pieces of foliage called amaranthus.
I called on a deep, rich shade of red to really bring home the Fall aesthetic without being too “themey”.This dark crimson was a great way to elevate the space and really give it a pop of color without making it feel like the photos of this event couldn’t be hung up all year long. I love the balance of both the bright whites and deep reds to show both an airy event feel and a rich, cozy Fall.
The best part of this look was that it can also be created in a similar way for a Halloween or Thanksgiving party. The fluffy, cozy textures and rich warm hues say Fall while still being beautiful and mature! If you would like to have an elegant Fall Floral tablescape created for you Halloween or Thanksgiving party!

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