Officially Fall

Fall is officially in full swing, and although those of us here in Orange County aren’t quite feeling much cooler weather yet, we adore the Fall decor and color palette! I had the honor of designing the florals for Matt and Catherine’s wedding which utilized this fun Fall aesthetic – one that I love creating for both events and at-home floral arrangements.
First of all, I always like to brag about my clients – these two were not only so fun to work with professionally, but also made me so happy personally as the amount of love that radiates from their relationship is so big and so real! I love working with couples whose love stories are fully visible and present, and Matt and Catherine really did that for me. They are high school sweethearts and proof that soulmates really do exist (in my opinion)!
Matt and Catherine agreed on a Bohemian aesthetic with Fall colors appropriate to the time of year that they got married. After getting to know Catherine a bit more, we agreed that specifically a muted Fall color palette would be the best fit for her vision. The muted Fall tones were a great choice because they fulfilled both her goals of having that romantic pastel feel of a classic wedding, but also the rich, warm tones of the time of year, Autumn.

Catherine’s bouquet was one of my personal favorites to make – she loved the freshly picked feel of a looser bouquet, and a variety of colors which gave me a lot of room to play. It wouldn’t be a Fall wedding without a little bit of orange and yellow, so I was happy to find this ribbon (shown below) that had the perfect amount of marigold and orange in it to look both classy and seasonal as part of the bouquet!
The grayish tones of the eucalyptus leaves completed the muted Fall color palette. We wanted something that was Bohemian and seasonal while still having a bit of a classic wedding feel, which I think was accomplished by the eucalyptus – a classic greenery choice that paired well with the flowers!
I love creating bouquets with any Fall color palette, and clearly, even with it being Fall, there are many color palettes and textures to choose from!
If you would love to have you own Fall bouquet, for either a special occasion or just for the home, email me here!

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