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Opposites Attract: Pairing Geometric Elements with Florals


Studio C Florals was recently featured in a photoshoot by 100layercake.com utilizing an on-the rise trend: pairing geometric shapes with floral pieces!



What was so special about this design is that it had both on-trend and timeless elements – making for a wedding that would be both fun and unique for its’ time, but not dated when seen in photographs for years to come! I definitely wanted to incorporate this trendy timelessness into the floral design. I decided on protea and pampas grass for the on-trend elements. Desert inspired florals are a big hit right now, especially in Southern California as we are learning to be more environmentally conscience! I love how these elements represented the Southern Coast – our shoot was in San Juan Capistrano, which is technically a Chaparral

(desert area next to the beach)!

To bring in classical elements, I chose roses and ranunculus. Each flower had a very different weight and texture from the other – again, trying to find that perfect balance between a bigger flower like the rose, and a more delicate sized but textured flower, the ranunculus.


I was asked to create arrangements that completed the main ceremony piece – a life-sized, double diamond statue with all straight edges. I decided to do two separate arrangements to give equal weight to both the bride and groom’s standing sides. I wanted to give that natural, wild element to the space. As we all know, there is no symmetry in nature, so I found it so fun to use wide, loose arrangements for the symmetrical altar!



We continued the use of geometric and natural elements on the table settings. Again, we kept things simple with a single hexagon name card by Letter & Ink

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